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Giving GURU his due

Boston Globe, May 20, 2011 Edo G. remembers well the day when Guru set off from Boston for New York City in search of fame and fortune. Back then, in the mid-’80s, Guru was known as Keithy E. – the stage name of Keith Elam, son of a judge and a librarian from a respected […]

Her second act is true to her soul

Boston Globe, April 4, 2011 In the brand-new video for “Until U,” from soul singer Ashanti Munir’s album, “Soul of a Woman,” a couple in the fullness of adulthood are dressing and preparing for an event – their wedding, it seems – while black-and-white flashbacks picture a much younger couple walking in the rain, 25 […]

Live from N.Y.: A struggling Berklee grad gets his big break

Boston Globe, October 4, 2010 NEW YORK – Viewers of last weekend’s season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” who blinked at the wrong moment as the camera panned across the set might not have spotted the newest member in the house band. But there he was, a slender figure at the keyboard, dreadlocks pulled back […]

Jazz revelations: Mina Cho

Boston Globe, September 27, 2010 If there is a recurring motif in the unusual path from Korea to Boston of pianist Mina Cho it is revelation. It was a pair of musical revelations that exposed the young woman, who as a child in Korea had the ambition to become a world-famous classical pianist, first to […]

Bringing a master back home: the Makanda Project

Boston Globe, July 27, 2007 It’s easy for great musicians to slip out of their art’s official history. In jazz, where so many artists have lived volatile and difficult lives, perhaps as many fine players and innovators are forgotten as are celebrated in the music’s canon. From time to time, the memory of one such […]

Soul mates

Boston Globe, October 23, 2005 Every Sunday morning from midnight to 2 a.m., sweet soul music seeps from an MIT campus basement into the city’s bedrooms, taxicabs, and prison cells, in a ritual of black Boston life that has gone on for years, even generations. The songs are pure ballads, lush and syrupy as they […]

Coltrane tribute is a love supreme

Boston Globe, September 30, 2005 The commemoration of John Coltrane is never a casual matter. The saxophone titan, who died in 1967, left not only a body of work unequaled in creativity and technique but a legacy of constant spiritual exploration. The 1965 album “A Love Supreme” is the best known but far from only […]