Journalism and editorial projects — print, digital, radio.

Arts correspondent for the Boston Globe since 2004. Culture reporter for WNYC—New York Public Radio, 2006-09. Recent bylines: The Atlantic, The New Yorker, TC Today (Teachers College), Colloquy (Harvard). Past: MTV Iggy, MTV Desi, Afropop Worldwide, OkayAfrica, Alarm, Paste, PRI’s The World. Contributor, Economist Intelligence Unit. Literary writing: The Oxford American, Transition.

Project clients: non-profits, international development agencies, arts organizations, universities, authors/publishers.

Background: political economy of development, Harvard University; international energy consulting, IHS-CERA. Freelance since 2002. Origins in India, France, United States; extensive experience, West Africa. Fluent in French.

Contact:, LinkedIn, Twitter.