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Dafnis Prieto plays more than meets the ear

Boston Globe, February 24, 2012 NEW YORK – In a prominent spot on the shelf in the peaceful living room of drummer Dafnis Prieto’s apartment in Washington Heights sits a row of books on one of Prieto’s favorite subjects: optical illusions. Close by is a stack of volumes on an artist famous for his use […]

Cut it up & eat it: the bloody soul of Le Butcherettes

MTV Iggy, January 10, 2012 If you came for the severed pig’s head, you’re too late. Ditto, possibly, for the blood-stained butcher’s apron — though Teri Gender Bender, the leader and frontwoman of the punk-inspired band Le Butcherettes, has not yet removed that trademark prop from her performance wardrobe. She may still, when she feels […]

Regional rhythms ramped up for global dance floors: Bomba Estereo

Boston Globe, May 8, 2011 Train your ears southward, to the nightspots of South America’s capital cities, and it won’t take long before you start grooving to some form of electro-cumbia. The mix of electronica with cumbia, a folk-music mainstay of South America, has sparked myriad groups, collectives like Buenos Aires’s ZZK, and endless variants […]

Mixing his Latin accents

Boston Globe, November 27, 2010 NEW YORK – A small diaspora of new-generation Latin American singer-songwriters has recently gained critical mass: artists steeped in the folk music of their countries but also jazz, rock, and electronica, artists who seem most comfortable in places like New York, Barcelona, or Mexico City where the scene is ever-changing […]

Pushing boundaries: Buika

Boston Globe, August 18, 2009 Maria Concepcion Balboa Buika belongs to a wave of Spanish singers breathing fresh life into classic styles – flamenco, of course, but also the ballad form called copla, and regional folk songs. But Buika, 37, brings a background that sets her apart. Born to political refugees from the former Spanish […]

A “fresh wave” of sound: Jose Conde

Boston Globe, May 17, 2009 BROOKLYN – The elephant lumbered out of the forest and straight into the lobby of a luxury hotel. At the bar, an elegant woman, martini in hand, gasped, while the pachyderm, oblivious, settled down to feast on a mango. Absurd, amusing, and gently intimating some kind of ecological moral to […]

More than bliss: Federico Aubele

Boston Globe, August 29, 2008 Loungey, downtempo electronic music is everywhere these days; it’s the international late-night sound of our time, at once product of a hyperkinetic global culture and antidote to its agitation. The swirling soundscapes, the layers of polyglot melodies riding supple rhythms, convey a kind of new cosmopolitan sensibility and feed the […]

Off the beaten path of Latin jazz lies “Duende”

Boston Globe, February 24, 2007 When pianist Nando Michelin arrived in Boston from his native Uruguay in 1989 to study at Berklee, he imagined that, like many other jazz students, he’d complete his degree and quickly move on, to New York and points beyond. But to the great benefit of the New England jazz scene, […]

Gomez’s original Latin sound crosses musical borders

Boston Globe, November 3, 2006 For Marta Gomez, absence makes the heart grow fonder. When she left Colombia to study at the Berklee School of Music, the distance gave her the perspective to value her home country’s traditional musical styles. And though she moved to New York, as many Berklee graduates do, in 2003, Boston […]