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An intimate look at Ramadan

WNYC News, September 22, 2008 Muslims are midway through the holy month of Ramadan, with its obligation to fast every day from sunrise to sunset. This year Ramadan falls in a busy season, with kids going back to school and not much room for time off. WNYC’s Siddhartha Mitter spent a recent Ramadan evening in […]

Arab music thrives in New York

WNYC News, March 10, 2008 A major festival of Arab music is taking place in Brooklyn all this month. After 9/11 there were fears that funding and opportunities for Arab artists would dry up. Siddhartha Mitter reports on the thriving scene for Arab music in New York.

New York’s Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr

WNYC News, October 13, 2007 This weekend the Muslim world celebrates Eid. The holiday marks the end of Ramadan and is a high point in the Islamic calendar. In New York, many of the city’s Muslims will gather today for festive meals with family and friends. WNYC’s Siddhartha Mitter reports.

A visit with the President?

WNYC News, September 27, 2007 This week world leaders have been gathering for the U. N. General Assembly, delivering speeches and holding summit meetings and snarling up traffic on the East Side. But for some presidents and prime ministers, the trip to New York has a local dimension too. It’s a way to connect with […]

Corona Plaza, center of everywhere

WNYC News, September 14, 2007 There’s been a multi-media art project going on all summer in Corona Plaza, off Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. But walking by, you might not even know it was there. Siddhartha Mitter caught up with some artists working to connect their art with their communities.

Hometown cricket fans

WNYC News, April 24, 2007 The Cricket World Cup is down to its final four. In the U.S, cricket is still obscure, and the Cup has only made news for a tragic incident early on. But for many expatriates and immigrants in New York, cricket is a way of life, and a connection to each […]

Hundreds grieve at funeral for Bronx fire victims

WNYC News, March 12, 2007 An emotional moment for a West African community today, as the ten victims of the deadly Bronx fire last Wednesday were remembered, prayed over, and laid to rest. Nine of those victims were children. The deaths have brought forth an outpouring of support from the Malian community, and from across the […]

New York’s Ghanaian community celebrates independence

WNYC News, March 6, 2007 Today, the West African nation of Ghana celebrates 50 years of independence. After a turbulent history, Ghana is now a democracy. There’s a large Ghanaian community in New York and the ties between New York and Ghana go all the way back to the birth of the US civil rights […]