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Atlas Soul makes worlds collide—and party

Boston Globe, April 27, 2012 WATERTOWN – As Anwar Souini describes it, he was browsing the North African section in a Central Square record store in Cambridge one day in 2006, when he came across a CD that intrigued him, by a group called Atlas Soul. That the shop even had a North African section […]

More than words: Le Trio Joubran honors Mahmoud Darwish

Boston Globe, October 3, 2010 Palestinian artists abroad are used to bearing a heavy symbolic load, whether they like it or not. The history of their people, marked by displacement, occupation, and the endless peace process, imparts a certain intensity to even lighthearted work and invites controversies that might have nothing to do with the […]

Saving an oud tradition

Boston Globe, October 10, 2008 NEW YORK – To enter the world of Simon Shaheen, the virtuoso musician and bandleader who has become Arabic music’s most prominent ambassador and most active educator in the United States, simply consider his principal instrument, the oud. As Shaheen describes it, the elegant lute with its pear-like shape, fretless […]

Raging at injustice, he rocks the Casbah and beyond

Boston Globe, July 3, 2005 “Tekitoi?” Couched in the truncated urban French of text messages, police stops, and ghetto posturing, the title of singer Rachid Taha’s barnstorming new album poses an urgent existential challenge: “Who the hell are you?” In-your-face exhortation comes naturally to the Paris-based Taha, who brings his six-piece Arabic rock band to […]