img_3645Here are some of my recent publications:

Demanding To Be Heard (a longform feature on responses to Black Lives Matters in the jazz and classical music communities) (Chamber Music, October 2016)


On work on immigration by artists Andrea Bowers and Andrea Aragón (Village Voice, January 2017)

Checking in with Kamasi Washington (Village Voice, December 2016)

On jazz guitarist Rez Abbasi (Village Voice, December 2016)

On Rob Pruitt’s nearly 3,000 portraits of Barack Obama (Village Voice, December 2016)

On the current BRIC Biennial, featuring artists from Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights (Village Voice, November 2016)

On two new shows of contemporary African photography (Village Voice, November 2016)

On son jarocho and the NYC band Radio Jarocho (Boston Globe, November 2016)

A profile of Wadada Leo Smith (Village Voice, Oct. 2016)

MoMA’s Unblinking Look at the Refugee Crisis (Village Voice, Oct. 2016)

Double Tap: Ruddy Roye’s Instagram Portraits Hit the Gallery (Village Voice, Oct. 2016)

A Fado Queen Finds Inspiration in What Matters (Boston Globe, Sept. 2016)

Rice-Off! The Jollof Wars Come to New York (Village Voice, Aug. 2016)

A Guyanese Art Show Explores Images of Migration and Home-Making (Village Voice, July 2016)

Kitty’s Studio: Rediscovering a South African Photographer’s Apartheid-Era Portraiture (Village Voice, July 2016)

Nigerian Pop Comes Full-Force to Brooklyn (Village Voice, July 2016)

In Jamaica, Queens, an Old Rapper Hangout Gets An Art-World Assist (Village Voice, June 2016)

Pedrito Martínez Returns to Havana to Record a Historic Album (Village Voice, June 2016)

At the Brooklyn Museum, the Transformative Power of African Masquerade (Village Voice, May 2016)


To Find Progress in Nigeria, Think Local (Foreign Policy, May 2016)

The French Are Back in Booming Côte d’Ivoire – But So Is Everyone Else (Quartz, Oct. 2015)

How Alassane Ouattara revived Houphouët-Boigny’s playbook in Côte d’Ivoire (Quartz, Oct. 2015)